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Our Services

TheSolver exists to make sure each and every of our Clients finds its way to success.
Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful. We provide tailored services and solutions to help organizations facilitate change, achieve their vision and optimize performance and productivity.

BPR and Technology Consulting for Supply Chain Management

At TheSolver, we combine our experience and skills to support your development and growth. We can help you transform your supply chain processes by developing a consistent IT strategy and selecting the most adequate technologies in response to the needs of your organization. We’re proud to help you shape and improve your business, leveraging our expertise and working shoulder-to-shoulder with you every step of the way from project conception to realization.

Business Meeting

Business Research & Product Improvement

The success of any IT  product starts from the understanding of market and user requirements. TheSolver can provide you with tailor-made business researches, use cases and user stories to boost your product performance and make it more appealing to potential users. Whether you are looking to improve an existing product or want to develop a completely new one, we can help!

Digital Work

Industry Networking

Are you looking for new business partners, professionals or subcontractors to expand your network?
Would you like someone to act as a representative, taking part in industry events on your behalf and presenting your business to potential customers?
We can provide these services and much more. Just drop us an email and we'll support you to reach your networking goals.

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IT Outsourcing & Recruitment

Are you looking for experienced developers or IT professionals to support your transformation? Or do you want to outsource some IT activities to a trusted third party?
We can help you find the right individual or partner company for any project, according to your requirements and budget. Our selection process spans Worldwide and in many IT areas: coding & programming, app development, IT asset management, blockchain and more.

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