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When talking about supply chain management we need to consider it in its entirety, hence taking into account both upstream and downstream processes. For this reason, we work with an array of technological solutions that allow us to create the best IT architecture for our clients. 

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Basic architectures often involve a combination of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, in order to cover main business process and effectively manage customers. This can be considered the starting point for any further innovation project: ERP systems are in fact the backbone of any IT architecture, and can then integrate to a multitude of other solutions for both upstream and downstream supply chain management.

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SRM, SCM, Track & Trace

Supply chain improvements can occur at different levels and for each of them there are specific solutions you can adopt: from Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) platforms that help you manage collaboration with your suppliers, to customized track & trace modules for product traceability, to complete supply chain management (SCM) softwares for end-to-end process visibility.
Our goal is to help you select the best solution according to your business needs, shielding you from extra costs and inefficient implementations.

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Blockchain & IoT

Blockchain and IoT are the perfect combination to deliver great value to your business. Some of the most common applications in supply chain & logistics are related to product traceability, data collection and analysis, quality management and collaboration improvement.
Whether you are looking to adopt a ready-to-use, open-source blockchain solution or want to build your own, we can help you.

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